The “Nature up yourself” series aims to attract the attention of the youngest viewers and direct it towards nature, to provoke children’s curiosity and encourage the desire for knowledge. The series shows in a special way that one, seemingly ordinary, flower has its own interesting story, that one bird can teach us, but also entertain us as we did not expect. In show, we discover that the whole world is at our fingertips, which has been pushed to the background by modern technologies and a modern way of life that has the greatest impact on the youngest.
The main goal of the TV series “Nature up yourself” is to develop awareness of the need and opportunities for personal engagement of children in environmental protection, through a very effective and specific peer education, providing basic guidelines for children and parents that contribute to environmental protection and improvement.
The main characters of the series are a girl Lena and a boy Isak who in season 3, in the company of his friends Brzometlica Čistić, Zdravko Dren, Šumenko and many other plant and animal creatures, takes us into nature with a mission to reveal something we did not know, but also to remind us of something we forgot. Why is Vranil Grass more powerful than any franchise superhero, why is Krčedinska ada (Geographic area) more exciting than the virtual reality of any computer game, why is knowing the bee world more useful than knowing the world of pop culture? These questions are not unusual, but speak of the unusual nature of the challenges that modern children face today.

Year: 2021.
Runtime: 12×08”

Director: Srđan Đuranović
Screenplay: Dragan Stanković
Children: Isak Jovanović, Lena Prodanović
Characters: Jelena Gavrilović, Goran Jevtić, Siniša Marček
Voices for puppets: Ivan Đurić
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Srđan Đuranović
Sound recordists: Milan Teofilović, Srđan Vukadinović
Composer and sound design: Aca Pejčić
Color correction: Zlatko Zlatković
Stop motion animation: Goran Jevtić, Lea Vidaković
Production: Zanatsko filmska zajednica