In the area of ​​the Sjenica-Pester plateau, under special climatic, landscape, hydrographic and other conditions, a unique intertwining of karst elevations, dry lands and rocks was formed, intersected by numerous rivers, marshes and tress habitats. Within the mentioned, relatively well-preserved habitat types, a high diversity of accompanying flora and fauna has been recorded, with numerous protected, rare and endangered representatives, some of which have been recorded only here in Serbia, and even in the world. This area enjoys international status: Ramsar Site of International Importance, Emerald Area Site, Internationally Important Plant Habitat, Selected Butterfly Area, Important Bird Area. In addition to the extremely rich biodiversity, this area is adorned with a well-preserved traditional, original way of life of the local population. With such use of space and resources, the nature of the Sjenica-Pester plateau is still largely preserved and unpolluted, and the entire region has significant potential for the development of various forms of sustainable tourism and agriculture with the production of biologically valuable and healthy food. Recognition, preservation and promotion of natural and cultural values ​​of this area should be the basis for its further economic development.

The Society for the Protection and Study of Birds of Serbia made a promo video “Nature of the Sjenica-Pester plateau” within the project “PROTECT PESTER WETLANDS”, supported by the German foundation EURONATUR, the Tourist Organization of Sjenica and the Special Nature Reserve “Pestersko polje”.

Year: 2021.
Runtime: 9” 40′

Author: Marko Šćiban, Društvo za zaštitu i proučavanje ptica Srbije
Screenplay: Marko Šćiban, Milan Ružić i Dragan Stanković
Voice-over: Zoran Dejanović
Camera: Silard Kovač
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Color correction: Zlatko Zlatković, Silard Kovač
Music: Dušan Popović – Orao sa Peštera, Bora Dugić – Običan balkanski dan, YouTube Audio
Production: Smartbird films