Promo videos

Kinedok Croatia 2023 – Promo video
September 29, 2023

KineDok, it’s an alternative distribution of European documentary movies, that gathers 180 untraditional venues in 7 countries of Europe (Czech republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, Ro...

The Family Portrait at HDLU, Zagreb - Photo by Juraj Vuglac
The Family Portrait - Installations (Promo video)
June 28, 2023

Across 7 projections, this animated installation depicts a poetic, dark, and somewhat humorous social observation, in which family ties and relationships are broken down and dissected to piece...

The Family Portrait – Making of
April 24, 2022

Making of video of short stop motion movie The Family Portrait directed by Lea Vidakovic.Year: 2022. Runtime: 3' 07'′ Camera & Editing: Zlatko Zlatković

A, B, C OF STOP ANIMATION - Promo video
March 27, 2022

Promo video for the online educational program on stop animation for teachers and educators. The hosts are animators Katrin Novaković and Lea Vidaković.Year: 2022. Runtime: 17'′ Stop motio...

Mitesers - Na rubu propasti LP - Promo video
August 10, 2021

Promo video for the vinyl release of the album "Na rubu propasti" of the Novi Sad Hardcore/Punk group Mitesers which was originally released on CD in 2006.Year: 2021. Runtime: 1' 08’′ Edit...

volimdokumentarce.net - Promo video
February 28, 2021

RESTART is a company focused on production, education, distribution and technical advising in making creative documentary films. They are engaged in the widest range of documentary filmmaking,...