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Music videos

Boris Kovac
Boris Kovač and New Ritual Group - Promo video
September 20, 2016

Year: 2016. Runtime: 7' 21'' Tango dance couple performed by Anastasia ferer and Luigi Zola Dance group performed by DaNS Synopsis: Dragan Gmizic, Boris Kovac Drone operator: Szilard Ko...

My buddy moose
My buddy moose - My people
September 22, 2014

Year: 2014. Runtime: 4' 28'' Editing: Zlatko Zlatković Camera: Silard Kovač, Orfeas Skutelis, Zlatko Zlatković

Brile - Chivas blues
June 11, 2013

Year: 2013. Runtime: 3' 20'' Editing: Zlatko Zlatković Camera: Nemanja Šarić

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