Trokut is an electronic jazz group, active since 2018. Their repertoire consists exclusively of original music, consisting of predefined structures and improvisation. They look for inspiration both in modern jazz and in various genres of electronic music. Their music is influenced by bands such as Kneebody, Radiohead, Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, Nerve, Madlib and various musicians from the ECM.
Their broad sound palette contains characteristics of modern jazz, ambient music, electronic and rock textures, and ultimately also minimalist music.
They performed at various venues and festivals in Croatia and Slovenia, such as Cankarjev Dom and River Jazz Fest. Their diverse projects were supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture, the city of Graz and the student community in Graz.
In autumn 2020, they released their debut album Shapeless for the London label Rika Muzika, which was very well received by the media in Croatia and Slovenia. In 2021, the album was nominated for the prestigious Croatian Porin Award, in the Best Electronic Music Album of the Year category, and for the Rock&Off Award, in the Jazz&Off category.

Sajeta was formed as a group of workshops in the late 90s. In 2002 we realised that there are not enough interesting music festivals in Slovenia which could transgress genre limitations and present inovators from the field of electronic, jazz, rock, ethno, experimental and other styles on one stage. That is why we changed the concept of Sajeta into a music festival which is supposed to promote modern approaches in music and show some forgotten names of some historical musical alternative. It is a festival of creativity, where music comes first and is not limited by any genre specifications. In past editions we hosted important musicians, mostly from the mentioned fields of creative electronics, nu-jazz, rock……Sajeta is basically a boutique festival attended by a smaller number of listeners which would make the atmosphere, and performances even more prominent. Besides that the venue itself (a confluence of two Alpine rivers) is truly magical and had a profound effect on all the musicians which appeared at the festival so far.

Year: 2021.
Runtime: 22′ 22’′

Camera: Zlatko Zlatkovic, Jovan Prgomelja
Editing: Zlatko Zlatkovic