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Promo videos

Home - Art exibition video
March 7, 2020

HOME is an art video recorded inside a fragmented miniature space of a diorama. In the video, this space appears as a compact and idyllic whole with a breath of warmth and coziness of a suns...

Bez olova molim
Bez olova, molim! - Promo spot
January 18, 2020

Najveći postotak rečne ribe dolazi sa velikih šaranskih ribnjaka koji su ujedno i delovi lovišta. Na ovim ribnjacima, koji su izuzetno vredna staništa ptica močvarica, decenijama se love pti...

Interkulturalnost stvara superheroje
Interculturalism creates superheroes - Promo spot
June 6, 2019

The Center for ethnicity research conducted the project “Integrative politics of multiculturalism in Serbia”, by which it determined the problems and perspectives regarding the advancement o...

Backo podunavlje
Bačko podunavlje The Amazon of Europe - Promo spot
March 23, 2019

Odlukom Međunarodnog koordinacionog saveta UNESCO programa „Čovek i biosfera“, na sastanku održanom 14. juna 2017. godine u Parizu, „Bačko Podunavlje“ je upisano na Svetsku listu rezervata b...

Kinedok Croatia 2019 - Promo video
March 12, 2019

KineDok, it’s an alternative distribution of European documentary movies, that gathers 180 untraditional venues in 7 countries of Europe (Czech republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Norway, ...

A pearl in a plastic bag
Pearl in a plastic bag - Promo video
September 18, 2018

The biggest threat to the Lake Ohrid is the modern age waste. Plastic waste being the most dangerous. It envelops the beautiful pearl of Lake Ohrid in a plastic bag. Besides for its beauty, ...

Zabrana izlova kecige
Ban on fishing sterlet - Promo video
March 29, 2018

The Ministry of Environmental Protection approved WWF’s (World Wild Fund for Nature) proposal to ban fishing on sterlet, which will significantly contribute to the regeneration of the popula...

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