Tea Vidmar – voice, accordion, various instruments
Ana Kravanja – voice, various instruments, percussion
Samo Kutin – voice, one-string bass, lute, brac, acoustic resonators, percussion

The KAČIS trio is composed of Tea Vidmar, Ana Kravanja and Samo Kutin. Their individual musical expression comes together in the exploration of folk music and some forms of improvised musical interpretations, but they’re also interested in intertwining various musical genres. Besides non-idiomatic improvisation Samo and Ana also compose imaginary folk music and explore the sonic characteristics of materials of various instruments. And and Tea as a duo have dedicated themselves to repetitive rhythmic singing, composed of simple voices, syllables, breathing noises, reminiscent of old folk traditions from around the world. The intertwining of their sometimes really similar voices creates the feeling of the presence of a ‘third voice’. We could say that their main interest is the transition of modern sounds of free improvisation into the archaic character of melodies, voices and sounds of unknown origin. The trio began their creative process in Decembre of 2020 at the nine day musical residence ‘Dvocikel’ at the Layer house in Kranj, where the nine compositions began to take shape.

Sajeta was formed as a group of workshops in the late 90s. In 2002 we realised that there are not enough interesting music festivals in Slovenia which could transgress genre limitations and present inovators from the field of electronic, jazz, rock, ethno, experimental and other styles on one stage. That is why we changed the concept of Sajeta into a music festival which is supposed to promote modern approaches in music and show some forgotten names of some historical musical alternative. It is a festival of creativity, where music comes first and is not limited by any genre specifications. In past editions we hosted important musicians, mostly from the mentioned fields of creative electronics, nu-jazz, rock……Sajeta is basically a boutique festival attended by a smaller number of listeners which would make the atmosphere, and performances even more prominent. Besides that the venue itself (a confluence of two Alpine rivers) is truly magical and had a profound effect on all the musicians which appeared at the festival so far.

Year: 2021.
Runtime: 13′ 44’′

Camera: Zlatko Zlatkovic, Jovan Prgomelja
Editing: Zlatko Zlatkovic