Main mission at MY OH MY is promoting conscious, sustainable consumerism, which we believe one can achieve by buying fewer, buying better and wearing longer.
This is why we are dedicated towards designing and handcrafting high-quality, multi-functional, customizable, timeless leather products designed with environment in mind and built to last.
We handpick the finest, eco-friendly leathers strictly sourced as a by-product from top European tanneries (equipped with water recycling system to prevent pollution) and meticulously craft each bag by hand in our atelier. With MY OH MY, you are purchasing your bag directly from the atelier where it’s made and designed, your bag expressing your individuality at a price that reflects only what went into making it.
In order to preserve the uniqueness of our products, each item and combination is either a one-off or part of a limited edition, this way making sure that your bag is truly one of a kind and second to none.
With sustainability and minimal waste policy in mind, most of our bags are made to order. Rather than stocking the workshop with hundreds of leathers, the company orders skins to cover only the needs for each individual order. There’s no warehouse of materials or finished stock that we have to dispose of if they are not sold, there’s no waste and there’s nothing we’re throwing into a landfill.
At MY OH MY, we believe that what equals sustainable fashion is: ethics , aesthetics, quality, multi-functionality and customization. Because process matters, quality matters, honesty matters and people matter.


Year: 2021.
Runtime: 1′ 13’′

Editing: Zlatko Zlatković