In the shadow of the political struggle for the majority in the Serbian Parliament, during the 2016 elections, a much sharper and more interesting struggle for power took place in the local self-governments. How and why did small, underdeveloped and almost forgotten municipalities like Surdulica, Apatin, Bosilegrad and Trstenik come to the center of the parliamentary election campaign in Serbia?

Year: 2016.
Runtime: 05′ x 4

Director: Dragan Gmizić
Screenplay: Slobodan Georgijev, Dragan Gmizić
Narrator: Lazar Živanac
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Silard Kovač, Bojan Erdeljanović
Graphic design: Čaba Polgar
Producer: Slobodan Georgijev, Dragan Gmizić
Production: Greenfield produkcija, Balkanska istraživačka mreža (BIRN)