The Center for ethnicity research conducted the project “Integrative politics of multiculturalism in Serbia” by which it determined the problems and impediments regarding the advancement of interethnic relations in Serbia. The project aims to promote interculturalism as the base of a stable and happy society. Besides, the aim is to talk about this issue in public, by promoting interculturalism. It is important to make people aware of how interaction is important and the diversity are for celebration!

Year: 2019.
Runtime: 1′ 11”

Director: Jovana Manojlović
Screenplay: Jovana Manojlović
Narrator: Jovana Manojlović, Tihomir Stanić
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Zlatko Zlatković
Color correction: Zlatko Zlatković
Graphic design: Zlatko Zlatković
Producer: Jovana Manojlović