The Kurds are a multi-layered political, economic and cultural insight into the development of the identity of a nation torn between Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran and their hundred-year struggle that left tens of thousands of victims along the way. Talking to key political figures, historians, analysts, guerillas, but also recording the customs and attitudes of ‘ordinary people’, in this series we put together a unique political puzzle riddled with constant conflicts with the home states, but also those within the Kurdish community. From the awareness of the idea of the nation, the creation of the Stalinist party and the painful peace process in Turkey, through the attempt to achieve an independent ‘Iraqi Kurdistan’ to the current fight with ISIL, we follow the transformation of a nation that is developing a plan to redesign the Middle East against the background of bloody conflicts.

Episode names: Tribe vs. State, Pawns of Great Powers, Mass Movement, Battle for Rožava.

4 x 52′

Authors: Jerko Bakotin, Nikola Kuprešanin
Cinematographer: Nikola Kuprešanin
Editing: Marin Juranić, Jan Klemsche
Sound designer: Tonči Bakotin, Studio Sensoria
Sound designer (episode 4): Luka Gamulin
Sound recorder: Jerko Bakotin
Narrator: Ljubica Letinić
Map animation: Dalibor Pokec
Graphics and credits animation: Zlatko Zlatković
Speech consultant: Anita Tripalo, Jaka jeka
Proofreader: Mirna Belina
Translations: Ministry of subtitles, Andrea Rožić, Nikolina Rajković, Alan Attoof, Rojda Yashik, Jerko Bakotin

Editor (HTV): Leon Rizmaul
Executive producer: Tibor Keser
Executive producers: Jerko Bakotin, Nikola Kuprešanin
Associate producer and producer in development: Vanja Jambrović
Producer: Oliver Sertić
Production: Restart for HTV