This movie is Lillie bio as a fan of a rock band called Blind Melon and the long and unusual story of all the adventures and mishaps she had because of and for this band.

The band ceased to exist in 1995 when their singer Shannon Hoon died but have now reformed with a new singer and touring America and Europe. This is an unexpected chance to live an old dream – see them play live. Although she live in Eastern Europe, she have problems travelling because shes country Serbia is under a harsh visa regime for political reasons. It’s a little easier to travel if you are an artist and invited abroad to ‘perform’, so she have decided to become one – the primary purpose of making this movie is to send the movie to the band and ask them to include it in their shows so that the venues they play at could send she the papers and she could travel out of shes country and see them live. The band said they would help.

Year: 2008.
Runtime: 63′

Director: Ljiljana Letić, Zlatko Zlatković
Screenplay: Ljiljana Letić
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Zlatko Zlatković
Producer: Ljiljana Letić, Zlatko Zlatković
Production: Stardust, Mala kućna radinost, Kino klub Novi Sad