The performance is a part of an artist-run research project “Views: Personal Histories of Serbs and Albanians”, which was carried out in collaboration of Kulturanova and Qendra Multimedia during 2010. Within the framework of the project, 40 individuals of Serbian and Albanian ethnic origin from Kosovo were interviewed about their personal memories of Serbo-Albanian conflicts, their versions of the future and the possibilities of Serbo-Albanian co-habitation. Based on these materials, MILENA BOGAVAC, a dramaturge from Belgrade, and JETON NEZIRAJ, a dramaturge from Prishtina, worked in collaboration to write a documentary post-dramatic text. DINO MUSTAFIĆ, a director from Sarajevo, worked with the actors and actresses from Belgrade, Prishtina, Skopje and Tirana to set up this play for the Bitef Theatre.

Video directed by Vukašin Živaljević, Zlatko Zlatković & Ivana Srdanov
Camera: Vukašin Živaljević & Dejan Rajković
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković