By the decision of the International Coordination Council of the UNESCO program “Man and the Biosphere”, at the meeting held on June 14, 2017 in Paris, “Bačko Podunavlje” was inscribed on the World List of Biosphere Reserves. With this decision, after 16 years, ie since 2001, when the “Golija-Studenica” area was declared a world biosphere reserve, Serbia got another area that is on the UNESCO world map of natural resources in the status of a biosphere reserve. With this decision, the Biosphere Reserve “Bačko-Podunavlje” joined the world network of 669 biosphere reserves recognized by UNESCO, designed to preserve natural resources of great importance and promote sustainable development of local communities in these areas. The “Bačko-Podunavlje” biosphere reserve is located in northwestern Serbia in Vojvodina and is part of the European Amazon, which is one of the best-preserved marsh-wetlands on the entire course of the Danube. This unique river landscape is an area of ​​exceptional biodiversity and rare natural habitats such as vast floodplain forests, ada, backwaters and sandy river banks. Within the Biosphere Reserve “Backo Podunavlje”, which covers an area of ​​176,653 hectares in the municipalities of Sombor, Apatin, Odzaci, Bac and Backa Palanka, there are four protected areas, among which are the Special Nature Reserve “Gornje Podunavlje” and ” Karadjordjevo “. The area of ​​”Bačko-Podunavlje” is also characterized by a very rich cultural heritage, which is proof of the meeting of numerous peoples and cultures in this area.

Year: 2019.
Runtime: 1′ 36’′

Screenplay: Silard Kovač
Narrator: Peter Baker
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Silard Kovač
Production: Smartbird films