Katica – a mother of fourteen children and her two brothers Zoran and Zlatko, at the borderline of poverty in modern Europe, take us through a journey of the docks of our society, where racism and poverty reside hand in hand with faith and beauty of life. Their journey through duality makes us question, are we living in the free world if the 3.6 billion of our fellowman’s actions are controlled by their scarcity?

Lex Homeless

Year: 2020.
Runtime: 1 12′

Director: Zoran Tairović
Screenplay: Zoran Tairović
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Mirko Todorović, Zlatko Zlatković
Sound recording: Lazar Živanac
Sound design: Lazar Živanac
Color correction: Zlatko Zlatković, Darko Maletin
Music: Zoran Tairović
Producer: Zoran Tairović
Production: Interkulturalni teatar III/40