The Constitution of the Republic of Serbia as well as other countries in the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo) states: “Everyone has the right to a healthy environment and to timely and complete information about its condition.” However, information from the field indicates numerous examples of so-called environmental or green crime such as pollution of land, water and air, uncontrolled logging of state and private forests, destruction of natural habitats, poaching…

Although the territory of the Republic of Serbia occupies only 1% of the territory of the European continent, over 70% of bird species, 60% of mammals and more than half of the freshwater fish species that inhabit Europe live there. Do we understand what wealth we have? How do we deal with that? The documentary PRAYERS is a story about fish poaching in Serbia, which devastates the fish stock.

Year: 2019.
Runtime: 53′

Director: Dragan Gmizić
Screenplay: Dragan Gmizić
Narrator: Ljubomir Pejčić
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Szilard Kovacs, Dragan Gmizić, Ljubomir Pejčić, Zlatko Zlatković
Producer: Dragan Gmizić
Production: Greenfield produkcija