The transformation of the former concentration camp from WW2 “Mamula” into a luxury resort for the 86 years old Ivo Markovic, a camp’s survivor, is humiliation and degradation. The story of “Mamula All Inclusive” is the story of the old times and values of freedom and humanism vs. money which can buy even the remembrance and erase it for the future generations.

Ivo Markovic (86), a survivor, who was eight years old in 1942 when he ended up in the notorious Mamula camp, run by Italian fascists led by Benito Mussolini, is hurt and humiliated, because the Montenegrin authorities have decided to give concession for a period of 49 years to an Egyptian tycoon Samih Sawiris, who is going to turn Mamula into a SPA hotel for rich clientele with dancing floors, pools, super yacht’s marina etc. The isle of Lastavica and Mamula Fortress in the South Adriatic Sea were a horrifying place of execution during WW2, where over two thousand civilians were held. Local activists, NGO’s and survivors, like Marković, have organised numerous protests against the decision of the Montenegrin government and recommended that Mamula be turned into a cultural-educational centre and a museum dedicated to the victims of fascism. However, Sawiris offer was more appealing to the authorities. “We’re going to build a unique hotel-museum in the world with the memorial room for the victims,” Sawiris promised while signing the lease agreement with Montenegrin Minister of Tourism.

Director: Aleksandar Reljić
Producer: Dragan Gmizić
Production: Greenfield production
Executive producers: Aleksandar Reljić (Coredox), Daliborka Uljarević (Centre for Civic Education)
Coproducers: Sead Krešeljaković, Leila Dedić (Aljazeera Balkans)
Camera: Goran Velemir; Zlatko Zlatković, Kovacs Szilard
Editors: Nataša Pantić, Zlatko Zlatković
Composer: Mihajlo Obrenov (dreDDup)
Drone operators: Goran Marković, Kovacs Szilard
Sound mix: Saša Rančić
Colorist: Dejan Šolajić
Translator: Srđan Starčević
Subtitles: Milana Malenić


2023. The audience award – Slobodna zona, Belgrade, Serbia