City birds is a series that deals with the issues of the existence of birds in the territories of the cities where they live. In each episode, one species is presented that lives on the territory of the city in coexistence with humans. People live in cities, together with birds, without having almost any knowledge of their importance in the eco system, and even less knowledge of how responsible they are for the disappearance of many species. Although this series is about birds, the emphasis is actually on the importance of protecting biodiversity and improving the state of the environment.

Year: 2012.
Runtime: 26′ x 20

Director: Goran Filipaš
Screenplay: Dragan Stanković
Editing: Zlatko Zlatković
Camera: Srđan Đuranović – Trsha
Sound recording: Milan Teofilović
Graphic design: Zlatko Zlatković
Music: Trans Balkan Desorganization, Hospital Hungary
Producer: Goran Filipaš
Production: Filmska radna zajednica Filmski front