What kind of information reaches citizens? Are they correct? How does information from the police and investigations get to the media? Are they misused in political calculations? Do the media abuse sources from the police and do the police manipulate the use of the media? Are there privileged journalists and privileged media?
BIRN journalists tried to answer these and many other questions in a conversation with journalists, media experts and the police in Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo.

Year: 2016.
Runtime: 44′ 45”

Director: Jelena Veljkovic
Narrator: Jovan Stojanovic
Editing: Zlatko Zlatkovic, Natasa Panic
Camera: Szilard Kovacs, Zlatko Zlatkovic, Nemanja Dabanovic, Faris Dobraca, Fatrion Ibrahimi
Graphics: Darko Maletin
Executive producer: Dragan Gmizic
Production: Birn Srbija